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Step by step,
just one step will change your direction.

Demetra, Experience the PSD2 opportunities.

NTT DATA presents Demetra.
A platform that anticipates personal and professional needs and requests
and supports users by offering a variety of innovative services.

NTT DATA’s Demetra platform will benefit from the regulations which will come into force in 2018 with the PSD2 directive, which will enable, at EU level, the creation of two new legal entities entitled AISP (Account Information Service Provider) and PISP (Payment Initiator Service Provider), new operators which will offer efficient electronic payment services for retail, designed with greater attention to protecting customers.

Demetra is aimed at a broad range of users, such as :

  • Banks, which will be able to expand and develop their portfolios of products and services by simplifying the customer experience.
  • Merchants, who can thus offer products and services in line with the needs and spending habits expressed by the Demetra end customers.

but it is end customers (private individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises) which are the main targets for Demetra, through the offer of a unique and secure point of access to the services and products offered through the platform.

The new unique and distinctive user experience proposed by DEMETRA, which seeks to ensure simplicityclarity and trust at all times, represents a further advantage for End Customers.

This new experience, which DEMETRA intends to offer, seeks to ensure in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the real financial and commercial habits of end customers, collected during day-to-day transactions and through the information provided by them, such as purchasing preferences, investments made, objectives and desires expressed.

Demetra intends to draw on customer knowledge to offer a service developed, as much as possible, around their needs and able to satisfy the needs which are a priority at a given moment.


Commercial thematic area: dedicated to the offer of services both by banks and by other commercial partners who use the features offered to allocate their products according to procedures that reflect customers’ real needs.

The Commerce functional area enables:

  • private individuals and SMEs to benefit from targeted offers in line with their needs, including through the use of loyalty/rewards programmes tailored to each class of customers


  • commercial partners to produce their products/services according to a ‘one-to-one’ strategy
  • banks to anticipate the needs of customers for new financial products and to offer them simply through the platform.


Con Demetra è possibile monitorare lo
stato complessivo delle proprie finanze.
Basta un’occhiata per tenere sotto
controllo l’andamento di tutti i propri
È possibile visualizzare le spese per
categorie e capire quali voci incidono
maggiormente sul proprio bilancio.

Gli esercenti possono monitorare
l’andamento delle vendite e gli acquisti dei
propri clienti, conoscere i profili e le
abitudini di spesa.



Banking thematic area: in this area, Demetra diffuses basic financial services already offered by banks where the customers have already opened an on-line account.

It is aimed at private individuals, SMEs and financial institutions and supplements the basic offer with other added-value services to improve the management of the financial transactions of the customers, using product comparison and advanced reporting tools.



Coaching thematic area: aimed exclusively at private individuals or SMEs, based on artificial intelligence technologies and offers suggestions for financial and/or commercial services based on an analysis of customers’ spending habits, their needs at a given moment and the preferences they express when signing up for the platform.

Demetra is able to offer private individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises and merchants around 150 services subdivided among the various functional areas of DEMETRA.

Designed by the team of NTT DATA specialists, according to cutting-edge ‘design thinking’ techniques, the DEMETRA services also enable:

  • the acquisition of products/services designed and offered with dedicated promotions (e.g. special prices or through the use of loyalty points);
  • the accessing and use, in aggregate form, of the information in the various accounts/financial products held by the customers, thus permitting real personal financial management; obtaining useful and practical reports of financial assets (especially for SMEs),
  • a comparison of the various products offered by the market
  • guidance for the financial education of the customer base (e.g. savings and support in using the financial instruments available effectively).


In addition to the thematic areas, NTT DATA has also designed a broad range of services that:

  • range from the Digital Identity of customers to the various forms of payment services between customers and commercial partners;
  • use the possibilities offered by modern Analytics tools, able to boost the efficiency of the e-commerce channel through effective segmentation of customers’ needs;
  • are able to direct the needs expressed by customers who use Demetra’s Coaching services into products and services.